In Shaved Hess examines the aerodynamics of the human body. For the short film a swimmer was covered from head to toe in a thick layer of shaving foam. Hess teamed up with a pair of human shavers manipulating a two-meter long blade, turning a mechanical act of grooming into a strangely hypnotic performance.


The blade, in post production covered by a white bar, slowly reveals the seductive curves of a toned figure. In between its curves foam gets captured, showing the spectator an estranged silhouette. One that suggests the ultimate aerodynamic body shape.


“Normally within my work I am looking for the limits of a material. But in this film I was looking for the limits of the shaving ritual by scaling it up to include the whole body.” The soundtrack of the short film also originates from this ritual. One who listens closely will recognize the sound of skin slowly sliding passed the blade.







Shaved @ Tentoonstelling HAAR, 2016

Picture : Centraal Museum Utrecht/ Ernst Moritz





Bart Hess



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